No Tooling Charges

With our high end digital printing capabilities we are able to produce production quality PROTOTYPES and SHORT RUNS without the need for expensive tooling which often times hinders the ability to participate in special events.

Quality Digital Printing

It is now possible to create a single sample which have the same quality when compared the final product with the original design. Using the digital data makes easy for a smooth process based on the original design the production can start right away.

One Box or a Multi Piece Display

We have multiple ways of handling your projects and quantity needs. Whether it's one PDQ tray, one thousand or one hundred thousand. Our team can handle your special needs through prototyping, short runs and of course production runs.

Digital Printing

Our digital printing and converting solutions means we can rapidly translate your vision from a single prototype or concept to large scale production run – Fast. We measure our process time in hours and days so our clients can change packaging or graphics as often as they like, print the exact quantity they need, and receive product with the quick turn that you need.

Flexible Packaging

With the ability to prototype digitally produced flexible packaging we increase your ability to put the product in front of the buyer without the wait for a production run sample. It takes us a few days as opposed to a few months through normal channels. The quality of the digital reproduction rivals a production sample. Side by side you won't be able to see the difference.

Speciality Packaging

Marketing and sales professionals all know the importance of having pre-production mockups sales samples for presentations, trade shows, focus groups and store planogram's. Product managers and product designers love to be able to analyze the actual package and the kind of impact it may have on the market and end user. Great prototype packaging is a true game changer, a vital tool that can help make products and companies look good.