Retail Solutions
That Make Cents!

Our Approach

With all of our projects, we employ a team-based strategy whereby our structure, creative and production departments work hand-in-hand to devise the most appropriate, and unique solution for every client.

We start with your idea.

Even it if starts as a sketch on a napkin. We can take it and build your idea.

We model it and bring
it to life.

Next we build a 3D model in a virtual setting that can help in the use of sales, advertising, or even prototyping.

We produce it and bring
it to retail.

Your idea is now ready for packaging and produced for on shelf display or one of our custom POP displays.



Solutions = success2

Displays, packaging, and branded merchandise increase sales and brand awareness. By adding specialty products, we enhance marketing programs and aid in moving product off shelves. Packaging, display, and branded merchandise solutions have been proven to increase brand awareness and sales.
To help you in this respect, our retail solutions department seamlessly integrates traditional POP displays and consumer goods packaging with custom products to boost revenue and get your products off the shelves. We also offer specialty product marketing programs, these comprehensive solutions will give you the added boost you need to raise your brand above the rest of the pack.


Whether it’s a branded environment, permanent or temporary display, we will tailor a solution that best fits your needs.


We make brands stand out with our complete & innovative packaging capabilities! We help our clients reduce costs while increasing speed to market.

POP Marketing

We’re your one-stop shop retail partner for all your retail packaging and display needs. Our innovative and creative solutions, specializing in custom products that
stand out in the aisles.

Bring us your challenge.
Puzzles are kind of our thing.